Monday, June 29, 2009

New Title and other random things.

Ok just in case someone else besides Alicia (Hey Girl!) reads my blog. I did in fact change the title. I got bored with the other and come to find out it looks like a pretty popular title on here. So not wanting to be "in" with the crowd I decided to change it.
I'm trying to think of some good story to post. But I have nothing. It's summer, it's hot. I try to do as little as possible on the weekends (which most of the time I don't succeed). But I always end up doing things other than the stuff I think I should be doing. I always have this guilt when I go to the pool or something on Saturday. I keep thinking, I should at least do a couple loads of laundry and unload the dishwasher before I go. But do I? No sir! I load up my beach bag and high-tail it to the pool. My parental units would be so disappointed (if I told them). Though they tried their hardest to instill in me the idea of getting the house clean first on Saturday, then you can go have your fun; well lets just say as soon as I had my own place this concept flew right out the window. Although I do wish the instruction and practice had stuck with me. Or maybe I just got burnt out on it in high school and that's why I despise doing it now. Either way it's sad to say my husband is also lax in the up keep department. Which does not bode well for our household. Don't get me wrong our house is not dirty. We do clean we just don't enjoy doing it. But it stays so cluttered all the time. So to those of you out there that are offended that we never invite anyone over. THIS is the reason. Pure laziness. But hey it's summer. And I'm going to go with the "it's too hot" excuse. I'll just meet you at the pool somewhere instead. :)

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  1. I like your new title!! Catchy-now you're going to have to post more you know. You'd be surprised how many people probably read your blog. I've had all kinds of random acquaintences (that I don't even know that well) that I see out & about say "Oh, I saw on your blog..." I think I may do a whole post about that. See there. You've inspired me!

    I HATE housework too. With our busy schedules that is definitely the thing that falls to the wayside...another blog topic maybe :)I love you no matter what your house looks like!! (Because I know you do the same for me)